Your Pilates Journey Starts here....

Initial Consultation $90

Your journey to wellness through exercise at The Pilates Vibe begins with a one hour private Initial Assessment. Here's what to expect:

We are interested in YOU so your private Pilates expert will want to chat about your reasons for coming to Pilates, body imbalances or pain areas, exercise history, daily activities and goals.

Your instructor will assess your posture and biomechanics and will explain any postural reasons for tight muscles or weak muscles you may be experiencing.

Learn about your deep core muscles, how to activate them properly and why it is necessary.

Begin learning Pilates exercises specifically tailored to your posture

Take home your home exercise program

You will tell us you feel amazing and that you should have started this years ago (we hear that all the time)

Chat further with your Pilates instructor about whether you are ready for trio group classes or if you would like any more private classes. We will not try to sell you private sessions if you don’t need them but we want you to feel comfortable when moving into group classes.

*N.B. If your preferred booking time is not available, please contact us and we can find a time that works for you!


Private Sessions

60 MINUTES $90  • 30 MINUTES $50

Private Pilates classes are for those who want the MOST out of their Pilates experience. This is an hour session with your instructor of choice where you will experience the very best in attention to detail. Here, we can take you through more hands on cueing, more challenging/ complicated exercises (if you wish), and have the time to add in little extras like guided meditations.


Trio Classes

55 MINUTES $45 casual/ $420 10 Pack

This is our most popular choice. Once you have completed your Initial Assessment and feel confident to move into a group class, please let us know if there is a regular spot you would like once or twice a week according to our online schedule and we can book you in permanently!

As the class description suggests, there are maximum 3 people in this class to 1 instructor. Each person will be instructed through a program that suits their body’s needs. Specificity is key to success. We don’t do generic here.


Unsupervised Pilates Sessions

30 MINUTES $15 casual/ $130 10 pack 

60 minutes $25 Casual / $230 10 pack

We have a private pilates just for you. To breathe, to focus and to balance your body and mind. If you are a client who has been coming to us for at least 6 sessions OR you are a teacher in training who needs a space to practice, you are eligible to use our exclusive Studio 2. Your personal Pilates coach will write a program to suit your body and you can book the space for your personal unsupervised practice online at a time that suits you, at a low cost.

*N.B. Clients must be attending a minimum of 1 trio class per fortnight to participate in Studio 2 use and must complete a safety waiver before starting practice.