Pilates During Pregnancy 


An array of amazing changes happen a woman body when she is growing a little human!

At the Pilates Vibe, all of our clients are given exercises that are relevant for their stage of life or physical condition and pregnancy is no different. Our tailored session approach ensures you receive the care you need, with no limitations on timeslots.

We will still ask you to come in for a one hour private initial consult before joining our small group studio classes at a time that suits you! Here are some of the many benefits of doing Pilates while pregnant

  • Understand how to exercise safely

    • Exercise needs to be modified from approximately 16 weeks to cater for pregnancy. We will lead you through exercises that cater for pregnancy considerations all while catering to your specific postural needs.

  • Breathing

    • Using the Pilates exercises to mobilise your spine and ribcage properly means you are able to provide more oxygen and space for baby, ease of breathing for mum and an increased sense of relaxation and calm that comes from diaphragmatic control.

  • Deep Core and Pelvic Floor

    • Education is received by the expecting mum on how to appropriately strengthen (and also release) the muscles of the deep core and pelvis. This will assist in reducing pregnancy related pelvic pain during gestation period and can also allow for a faster recovery post delivery.

  • Increased circulation and lymphatic drainage

    • Pilates exercises can also help to reduce fluid “pooling” and increase circulation during pregnancy. This means less pressure on the feet and in the extremities.

  • Your personal pregnancy coach

    • We have close relationships with our clients because of our regular contact and small class sizes. We are privileged to provide weekly care to all our pregnant ladies leading up to birthing time in a space that was purposely designed to create mindful focus and calm. We have a list of local health professionals we can advise referral to if need be throughout any stage.



Baby- Friendly Classes

Pre/post natal specialist instructor develops programs designed to help new Mums regain a strong body ready for new demands.  The classes allow participants to experience a tailored programme to suit their own needs just like our Trio classes but with added benefits.  A focus is placed on the recovery of abdominals and pelvic floor taking into consideration common effects of pregnancy such as abdominal muscle separation, and we know how close baby needs to be to Mum, so baby is welcome to join us in the studio. It is recommended you bring a blanket and your baby’s favourite toys, or you can keep her/him in the pram.

Baby Friendly classes run at 12pm, 1pm and 2pm Tuesdays and Thursdays with Sharon. Please note, you will require medical clearance from your GP and an initial assessment with us to commence classes.

*Babies must still be stationary to join class.