Who Are We?

We are a group of highly trained Pilates instructors who've trained in successful Physio and Pilates practices in Melbourne city, the Mornington Peninsula, Internationally...but we live locally and want to teach locally. 

Our style of Pilates is varied, fun, focused, controlled and specific to your needs.

We have trained through Polestar Pilates Education and Kimi (Owner of The Pilates Vibe) is a Victorian Educator for the Diploma and Cert IV programs. We have aspiring Pilates instructors travelling literally from all over Australia to learn from us- not bad for little old Aspy is it? 


What Do We Do?

We change lives.

We help people get out of pain. 

We facilitate paradigm shifts in mind set, encourage better lifestyles and educate our clients to create stronger, healthier and happier bodies.

The Pilates method is something we live our lives by and many of our clients say "I wish I had started this years ago".

The movement we teach you, is empowering knowledge about your body that you will have for the rest of your life.


Who is Pilates For?

Absolutely everyone.

You do not have to be fit to start, in fact, that is why you start. 

We coach you privately before you may choose to go into small groups of 3 so that you feel comfortable with the exercises which have been tailored to your body.

Many of our clients come to us with referrals from medical professionals. We do focus on strengthening and fitness, but Pilates is an educational journey that must not be rushed and we are very adamant about teaching strong foundations in deep core control and postural correction first. 

When you are changing the way you are moving, and literally re-training neurological pathways, a caring, patient and passionate instructor who understands your needs is pivotal to your success. This is our forte.