"The Room Of Requirement"

Ok, yes I am a Harry Potter nerd… However, it’s a pretty cool way to describe Studio 2, which we have just opened this week!!

The beautifully cozy and fully equipped new space has been designed with several requirements in mind.



 Our clients.

 My goodness we love you and we are so grateful for you! We know you appreciate the detailed and personalised programming you receive from us in our trio classes but we have almost taught you too well…

We recognise that some of you would love to have access to the Pilates equipment, a written program from your personal Pilates coach and be able to come at a time that suits you.  You understand the basic set up and safety of the equipment and want the opportunity to have MORE Pilates in your life at a slightly reduced cost.

Helloooooo Room of Requirement (actually known as Studio 2). This space is for you alone, with no interruptions. To breathe, to focus, and to strengthen your mind, body and spirit. Choose from 30 mins or 60 mins with casual options or packs and book online whenever we are open and it suits you.



 Pilates teachers in training.

 Learning to teach Pilates is a challenging and expensive process! In order for you to be able to TEACH Pilates, you must first KNOW it in your own body.  We know that not everyone has a medieval looking torture reformer-trap combo in their home to practice with, so we have supplied it to you for a fraction of the cost of attending private or group classes. Bring your manual and maybe a training buddy for teaching practice and reserve the room to enhance your learning experience. We don’t discriminate between schools, we just want to provide an ample learning environment for you that won’t send you broke.



 Private sessions and Initial Assessments.

 As we are getting busier in our classes, we are running out of times to provide private bookings in studio! We are so conscious of not cramping your space so we made another one! This means we can be available for private bookings even in busy class times.

The not-so-secret surprise is that studio 2 is actually a magical room with many requirements. The most magical part is that every time you leave it, you will always feel happier, lighter and more free in your body.

Book into our Room of Requirement (Studio 2) today online or send us a magical electronic mail message to info@thepilatesvibe.com.au . We know we are weird, but we are Pilates Wizards!

*If you’ve never seen Harry Potter, shame on you. The Room of Requirement is a magical room that appears fully equipped to those who require a space for a certain task or need.

Written by Kimi Broadbent: Studio Owner, Polestar Pilates Educator Victoria and Harry Potter nerd.